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Vietnamese food is about the balance of flavours, of sweet, salty and sour – there is no measuring device that can ever match your own taste buds.

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The Pale Blue Door

This photo by Simon Fernandez
Finally got round to going to The Pale Blue Door – it was on an off chance, a friend of mine couldn’t make it so I’d offer to go. I’d heard so many things about this amazing place that belongs to Tony Heckler – a set designer who runs a supper club at his Dalston home.
It was a cold night and we arrived to a house/ warehouse type place next to the railway line and were greeted by a drag queen who insisted my name is ‘Urine’ – and gave me the self-fulfilling prophecy of needing the toilet! Not even bullies at school called me ‘Urine’ so that was rather spicy of the young lady –
I loved her – she was amazing in her fake tits (about 8 at one point), and all her wigs and outfits – she is the character assassin of any hot-tempered high maintenance woman. And this is whom you come to see.
We were seated on a table for 2, with all this stuff, nibblitts and gadgets and hob knobs, all groups were pretty much segregated like in a restaurant. It was so cold, some people were given blankets and everyone sat in nooks and crannies. Fun.
The food…The lady also said, “The face is happy but inside, I am sad!” in her Portuguese accent – then she grinds her arse into the face of a youngish guy – whose probably loving it!! The evening was a performance, she had all her outfit changes and music to lap dance around the guests. It was mental! Very very wacky! And this is just something everyone should see for themselves.
The Pale Blue Door
£35 donation for 3 courses
Extra for wine