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The supper club is held in my home in London Fields, Hackney. It is like a dinner party in the tradition of a Vietnamese feast with homemade Vietnamese food.



Vietnamese food is about the balance of flavours, of sweet, salty and sour – there is no measuring device that can ever match your own taste buds.

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Wanted: Single Men

By Leluu

Where are you lovely single men?
We’ve been to the pub but you don’t seem to be there. We’ve joined art classes, writing classes, trying to date you on Guardian Soulmates and even Match and bought a season ticket to the football and yet, we are still hoping your trolley will bump into ours at the supermarket.

This February, I hosted two singles night and I actually managed to find single men. They came and ate with single women and guess what? Everyone had a great time. We were all wondering why it is so difficult to get more single males to attend things like supper clubs. Surely they are not all hooked up by ladies? Surely there aren’t more females than males? No, there are equal quantities, its just that women appear to be more proactive in getting out and doing interesting things.

As people arrive through my door, I can feel the nervousness, as most people are coming alone to a dinner party/ supper club, they don’t know what to expect, most haven’t eaten here before and I can tell, most people are a bit scared at first! But well done to all these guys and gals who have braved it.

Once they are inside, and the candles are sparkling and the wine is poured, the cheese is displayed and a breathe of ease is taken, it feels fantastic. The evening is in the hands of each and everyone who comes along, to make friends, to find love if there’s any and most of all, to just have fun.

I was talking to Marcus, he only only came to the singles night because, one, he has been before and loves all the food and atmosphere and trusts this place, and, two, because his female friend forced him to go. ‘I was scared,’ he said, ‘even though I have been here before and I love it here, and its been one of the best nights, its not something any bloke would normally do because they would be terrified to attend a “singles” do. Its also embarrassing, you wouldn’t tell your mates you were doing this.”

How interesting I thought. The concept of singles events terrifies the life out of me too and I know what he means. I went to a singles thing where a bloke sat there, pointed at me and laughed at me for 3 minutes!

Well thank goodness, these singles nights are not turning out to be some cheesy events, despite me asking everyone to bring a block of cheese to show, that you are what you eat – as an icebreaker subject. I am loving them. The last one was buzzing. I saw people exchange numbers, I saw sparks, I saw smiles, I saw friendship and I see again and again the magic that happens in my living room between people. It must have been built on really good spirit.

Dear Single Man, please email me [email protected] and come join the party on 17th March & 29th April. There are lots of nice women to meet and there is also me and my lovely Leluu girls who will serve you lots of nice food. There is not much to be afraid of, there is a lot to miss out on if you are too scared. So don’t be! You can bring a friend too.

From April, we will do these every last Friday of the month -15/15 men/ women.  It all depends on single men booking in because women are already too smart, they all want to come to these things.

Dinner, wine, cheese and great company. If you’re lucky, we can dance too.

By the way, I think Marcus is out there telling his male mates how this event is and that they should be going along. Yay!