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Vietnamese food is about the balance of flavours, of sweet, salty and sour – there is no measuring device that can ever match your own taste buds.

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Restaurant Recommendation: Casa Malevo

By Leluu
Going on a diet? Me? Never! Well, it depends on the diet – I could never imagine restricting myself to just apples or wheatabix. I am all for the well balanced- Vietnamese pan fried fish with mango and fish sauce and rice and then every once in a while, go to a really good restaurant and eat really good steak. Which reminds me of when Rachel McGormack (who runs Catalan Cooking Classes) invited me to eat with her and a few other bloggers at the newly opened Casa Malevo, Argentinian, in the posh Marylebone, nearby Tony Blair’s new home.

How could I have been so lucky as I was in for a real treat! We ordered everything there was to order and shared among the table, The London Foodie, Vintage Macaroon, Kavey Eats, TwelvePointFivePerCent among others.

Everything was a favourite, but the Grilled Provolone (melted cheese) bought hymn of hmmm to the table. The steak was absolute melt in your mouth delight as well was the lamb and the wonderful aubergine with parmigiano.

We sat downstairs in a private room, it was wonderfully atmospheric with the wood fire and lovely leather chairs. Seems to be a perfect place to have regular dinners (if you can afford it) and a wonderful place for a special treat! The wine was very fine! The service was impeccable.

Chef Diego Jacquet

What I love about places like these is that the food is of such good quality. How it is unique and just tastes very good because there had been so much attention and care taken to each dish. I am not much of a dessert fan but my, O my, the dessert here was to die for. The pear tart, the banana ice cream – was heavenly. Not too sweet and full of lovely fresh flavours. All followed by cheese of course!

This place is highly recommended for new eats in the New Year. If anyone wants to take me here again, please, please just email me and I’ll be right there.

Thank you to Rachel McGormack and Casa Malevo for having me on this lovely evening.

23 Connaught St, London W2 2AY
020 7402 1988