Welcome to my website. I am the author of ‘Vietnamese – Simple Vietnamese Food To Cook At Home’. I am a photographer and film maker. You can book into my supper club, Vietnamese cooking classes, buy my book, check out my photography and lots more here.

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Food Styling & Photograhy

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Supper Club

Supper Club

The supper club is held in my home in London Fields, Hackney. It is like a dinner party in the tradition of a Vietnamese feast with homemade Vietnamese food.



Vietnamese food is about the balance of flavours, of sweet, salty and sour – there is no measuring device that can ever match your own taste buds.

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My 7 Links

The Skinny Bib nominated me to write My 7 Links. This is what it is about:

Bloggers publish his/her 7 Links on his/her blog. One link for one category and the categories are: the most beautiful, the most popular, the most controversial, the most helpful, a post whose success surprises you, a post that doesn’t receive attention it deserves and the post the blogger is most proud of..

I have been blogging since the end of 2008 and but more seriously so from 2009. What I tend to blog about always evolve and sometimes, I can not really define what this blog is about – its mainly about food, Vietnamese food but also travel and stuff in general. Its a place where I can write about what I think too.

Most Beautiful: Flying Home My Trip To Vietnam 2011
Its about the feelings, the sights and sounds of going to a place where I was born.
I was originally asked to write this for Eat Me Magazine but they did not publish it or send me any communications as to why.

Most Popular: A London Riot 8th August 2011

The London Riots happened on my doorstep. So I wrote about it but I don’t feel like this one really counts because it was mainly ranked highly on Google searches.

Otherwise it would be Leluu & Fernandez about how Simon Fernandez and I got together to create Fernandez and Leluu Supper Club and how it all ended and we separated.

Most Controversial: London Riot: Have Your Say – With BBC World News
I did a radio show with BBC World the day after the London Riots, but I didn’t write it up very well and got my ass kicked and bad mouthed all over Twitter. I am currently working on a film documentary with Darrell James, the man, I called, Black, about youth culture.

Most Helpful: Hot & Cold, Ying & Yang
The main philosophy of the Eastern diet is to have the right balance of hot and cold elements in the body.

Success Surprised Me: A Single Serendipity
I wrote about being single, online dating and enjoying being single. As well as lovely comments, I got a lot of emails from people I have never met telling me how I made their day. It was such a great feeling.

Didn’t Receive The Attention It Deserves: John Malkovich & Leluu
I met John Malkovich many times and I had always wanted to write about my time with him, so one day, I started to write it as homework for a creative writing class. I haven’t continued because I don’t know if anyone is interested.

Most Proud Of: A Trilogy Post: 
The Monsoon, Bun Bo Hue, Elephant Man & My Uncle Thu

Stories from Uncle Thu, His Escape From Vietnam
Blood Cakes & Banana Blossom
These are stories and memories of Vietnam and how my uncles escaped Vietnam. I laughed and cried with my uncles when we recalled them in California after over 30 years of locking the memories away like closed booked high on dusty shelves.

Here are the top 5 blogs I read and would like to pass the 7 links onto:
Peppercorns In My Pocket
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