Recipe: Mango Lassi/ Sorbet

In April and May, mangoes are in season. If I were in Vietnam, I would be eating them like they are going to run out. The mangoes we get in England are a different variety, not as silky and sweet as the Vietnamese ones – which are best when the skin has many black spots. After a trip to Whitechapel market, I came home with about 8 mangoes. As I have a Cuisinart power blender and a professional ice cream maker, I played with mango lassi and also made a delicious sorbet too.

Mangoes are a tropical fruit which grow in plenty of sun and therefore South East Asians believe they are very warming which can leave the body hot in balance. Having too many mangoes can leave you with a sore throat and restless nights sleep. As my mother would say, only eat mangoes in moderation.

Mango Lassi
Serves 2-4

2 riped mango
200ml yoghurt
500ml water
4 tbs condensed milk

Peel and cut mangoes into pieces and blend together with yoghurt, water and condensed milk.
Serve immediately.

Mango Lassi Sorbet
Serves – 4 – 6

Method and ingredients as above then churn in an ice cream maker for 40 minutes.