Fishing For Summer Rolls

My family, they love going fishing. When I was in The OC, we went fishing in Newport Beach, there is a pier and at night, all the families get together and fish. Eat ice-cream and fish.

We caught lots of mackerel and sardines. We had to have it everyday, in one way or another to eat it up. One afternoon, we had a mackerel summer rolls. The table was set with rice paper, herbs and salad, a water bowl and everyone would make their own summer rolls at the table.

We grilled the fish on the barbecue with some salt and pepper. It was all served at room temperature. We had a big plate of salad, peril, cockscomb mint, coriander and basil. Pick all or your favourite ingredients, roll and share.

You can see how to make the typical Saigon Summer Rolls here

You can steam, bake or fry fish for use in summer rolls. Or even use left overs – fishy summer rolls are amazing!

The essential part is the Fish Sauce – you have always got to have a good dip:
1 tsp Crushed garlic and chilli
equal amounts of fish sauce, a good quality cider vinegar, sugar

Taste for the perfect balance of sweet, sour and salty. Add some hot water if you prefer a less intense flavour.

A perfect way to enjoy a family meal or dinner with friends because its great interaction.

I did an interview for London Confidential. You can read about dinner etiquette and the way the Vietnamese eat here: