Recipes and stories to bring Vietnamese food to life on your plate.

My Vietnamese Kitchen is a collection of recipes passed down through Uyen Luu’s family. Uyen was born in Saigon and spent her childhood there before leaving Vietnam in the aftermath of the war.

She regularly travels back there to visit family and pick up more classic and modern recipes for dishes found in the homes and on the streets of Vietnam. The recipes in the book tell a story – about Uyen’s family, about the culture of her heritage, about the rising popularity of this cuisine around the world. In essence, the food of her country aims to strike the perfect balance between sweet, sour, salty, bitter, hot and umami, and to cater for any occasion and time of day, every mood and ailment. Uyen describes some of the most commonly used produce and offers easy-to-find alternatives so that every recipe is accessible.

She guides you through chapters such as Soups, Snacking, Noodles, Dinner and Desserts, weaving in tales of etiquette, personal history and tradition and providing evocative photos of her travels throughout. Popular recipes include pho soup, banh mi baguettes and summer rolls.

Foreword by Raymond Blanc.

“Uyen Luu sets this wonderful cuisine in the context of her own family and kitchen. She tells us exactly what ingredients are needed for the most authentic experience of  Vietnamese food (and we can be thankful –  and grateful to the Vietnamese emigrants who have settled here – that so many of these are now available here in Britain). But she is not a fusspot: she even gives her own, playful recipe for spaghetti Bolognese – and you have to look carefully at it to spot the splash of fish sauce that gives it a tiny Vietnamese twist. Her fish and chips variation involves raw tuna. Wonderful! …

A very good book, serious and with plenty of delicious and simple recipes.”


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