Recipe: Bánh Cuốn With Roasted Pork Belly

By Leluu

A great favourite at Fernandez and Leluu Supper Club is our Bánh Cuốn With Roasted Pork Belly in Soy and Five Spice. You can add “nem” – which is cured, pickled pork ham with vermicelli and garlic. Its also great with the very traditional Vietnamese ham called, “Cha – So 1”. You can buy them both at any Vietnamese supermarket.

We combine the two different hams and the pork belly together to create this dish but you can choose if you should include all or just one or two. Bánh Cuốn is delicious just with soy sauce and a sprinkle of dried shallots in my opinion.

Ingredients for 8
Pork Belly Marinade

1kg of pork belly -(Choose a meaty slab)
1 tbsp five spice
1 tbsp roast red pork seasoning mix (star anise, cinnamon – powder)
1 tsp pork granules flavouring
1 tbsp soy sauce
pinch of salt
2 tbsp or a splash of red wine
(2 lime juice, 2 tbsp honey- at the end)
Adjust to your perfect balance

These are the pork granules/ flavouring from Knorr. Looking at the ingredients, its not the best thing for you, so we wouldn’t recommend you eat the whole pack or pork belly every day ; )

Bánh Cuốn
3 or 4 x Bánh Cuốn packs
coriander, thai basil
pickled & dried shallots

Fish Sauce For Bánh Cuốn, Bánh Xèo, & Spring Rolls (don’t add water in the sauce)
1 tsp chilli
1 tsp garlic
500ml hot water
4 tbsp fish sauce
4 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp (Aspall) cider vinegar

Always use premium quality fish sauce like Three Crabs – there is no point in using cheap brands, like The Squid, it will taste bad!
Adjust to taste, get the right balance of sweet, sour, hot and salty.


-Combine all ingredients onto the pork belly, prick the meat with a knife so that all the flavours can seep through.
-Hang to marinate or dry skin side up 1 or 2 hours, dry off any excess fluid on the skin to so that it becomes crispy. Score the skin. Rub some of the marinade over the skin and in between the scoring. Then rub the skin side with some olive oil or regular oil to ensure a crispy crackling.
-Bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 90 mins with the skin side up.
-90 mins in, squeeze the juice of limes and combine with honey and pour on top of the skin and back on high heat for 10 mins to get the skin very crispy and crackling.
Rest. Slice up when cool.

-Open packs of Bánh Cuốn and peel into smaller 1 inch strips. In the summer, you can eat this cold. If you prefer warm, steam or heat in microwave.

-Lay onto plate/ bowl, place pork belly (the hams) on top with coriander, thai sweet basil and/ or cockscombe mint, pickled shallots and sprinkle on dried shallots.

-When ready to serve, pour on fish sauce

This crispy roasted pork belly is excellent for parties, salads, with rice or in summer rolls. Its very easy to prepare so you can get on with other things for your dinner party.

  • I am making this as soon as possible. It looks absolutely amazing! mmmm pork belly. Doesn’t fit with my no meat january but that’s rapidly going out of the window anyway.

  • YUM! I am getting this recipe on ‘ones to try’ list asap.

  • What are pork granules? Are they like Aromat or chicken powder ie fancy MSG?

  • Damn this looks tasty. I have only ever tried Bánh Cuốn in a couple of Vietnamese joints on Mare St, and it’s been okay. However, it didn’t come close to this in terms of ingredients.

    I am now very curious about the cha, can you get it from the local Vietnamese grocers on Mare St or the Chinese supermarkets in China Town?

  • @the Grubworm – You can get both nem and cha in normal Chinese supermarkets – have both in my fridge 🙂

  • @meemalee – marvellous, thanks for that, I will keep an eye out for them next time

  • The Post has now been revised!

    If you can help it, its nice to put only a few pieces of pork belly on top of the banh cuon as the nouc nam – sauce creates the dish and makes it all very special. The only time I eat tons of pork belly is when I am slicing it up.

    Please let me know how the recipe works out for you. Its much harder to write a recipe than to just cook it instinctively x

    as revised, I’ve added the pictures of the pork flavouring. Yes it seems to be glorified MSG but this what makes it fantastic! A good cheat for any cook I reckon. If you decide not to use it, then add more soy sauce.

    @The Grubworm
    You can also fry up some minced pork with shallots and have it with Banh Cuon, its so lovely. Sometimes, I just fancy Banh Cuon and soy sauce and herbs. Nothing beats a bit of simple food.

    You can buy all the hams, and the banh cuon on the supermarkets on Mare Street, Longdan on Hackney Road or China Town.

    TIP on nem: buy ones that have a less or sooner sell by date as they would have had more time to pickle and tastes nicer. The fresher ones, tend to be soft and breaks very easily when you cut them – they are not ready to be eaten.

  • Thanks for the clarification!

    I have got to get me some of those pork granules – love it 🙂

  • @Fernandez & Leluu – cool, thanks for the tips, i will be heading that way as soon as I can. I love having the chance to play with new ingredients, and these are definitely new.

  • You had this on the menu when I came to help in the kitchen didn’t you? Of course you did, I ate bowl after bowl………er from what was leftover of course.

    Delicious, must make this at home.

  • @Food Urchin
    Indeed it was! let me know how you get on when you make it – x