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Vietnamese food is about the balance of flavours, of sweet, salty and sour – there is no measuring device that can ever match your own taste buds.

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Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

By Leluu

As you may well know, I am a die hard Jamie Oliver fan! After meeting him in person, I fell in love, (sorry Jules) not with his looks, I mean, that as well ; ) but just the man that he is and what a great inspiration he is to so many of us. From being really crap at school (his words not mine) to blossom in a career to having his own empire and most of the world adoring everything he does.

I watched The Naked Chef 10 years ago to Jamie’s Food Revolution with much admiration. He isn’t a poncy chef, he is a leader, a forward thinker, a generator as well as an observer and learner. He is the everyday person in us and uses whatever power he has to influence things for the good.

Therefore, we are really honoured to be doing a dinner for Yell in aid of The Jamie Oliver Foundation. I watched Fifteen on TV years ago, thinking, the man has gone nuts, but he hadn’t, he just believes in things, in people and sees how he can make a change.

Loved it when Jamie went to Italy and got his balls kicked by the old ladies because he didn’t do things the way they did it, the way you are meant to do it. He tastes everything that is offered with him with the utmost respect in people, communities, cultures and doesn’t patronise. I think that is why we all love him so much.

A few weeks ago, One Million Gold Stars and I went for lunch at Fifteen. She had the antipasti which was amazing, I knicked some of her food. It was really good. I had the seafood risotto which was OK – I thought there needed some tweaking with the balance of flavours. Perhaps just add loads of Parmesan to it – thats always the trick! But was too embarrassed to ask for it in a restaurant!

The coffees were lovely as were the desserts. We had a fantastic afternoon and I will sure be plotting my meetings there again and again.

For this event on 1st March with Yell for The Jamie Oliver Foundation, not only will you be having some of Simon’s amazing food but there is going to be a great goodie bag to die for including Green & Blacks Chocolate and vouchers to use at Fifteen.

Not only that but we are getting Apprentices from Fifteen to help in the Fernandez & Leluu kitchen! How amazing is that? I’m twisting with excitement!

To enter, click here. We will be picking the winners. You can also comment here, makes picking guests much easier! : )

  • The man s pretty driven isn’t he? I have to admit to starting off a bit of a Jamie sceptic, maybe that was down to being a diehard Nigel Slater fan…?

    But, even with a sceptical eye, JO’s Italian cookbook was ace, really simple, good, well thought out and easy to cook stuff. And yes, he did show respect to tradition, but wasn’t afraid to tweak where required.

    And then Fifteen showed that he put his money where his mouth was and I was converted to Jamie the person, not just the writer/chef.

    This looks like a fantastic event and it will be amazing having those apprentices in the F&L kitchen. I just know that it’ll be a great event.

  • I am so jealous, I want to go to Fifteen so much. I, like you, am a die hard Jamie fan. I remember watching his first Naked chef serious when he used to slide down the bannisters of his flat to answer the door to his mates. And he would source all his food from Borough market. Such an inspirational guy, and I too was lucky enough to meet him and he is lovely too 🙂

    Would love the chance to win!

    Alison Battisby
    aka Dalston People

  • thank you both!
    you are both invited xxx

  • You are becoming his biggest groupie!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie