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Hairy Bikers Pilot With The Fernandez

By Leluu

Photography/ Copyright Alfie Hitchcock 2010
Photography/ Copyright Alfie Hitchcock 2010
Photography/ Copyright Alfie Hitchcock 2010
Photography/ Copyright Alfie Hitchcock 2010

We did a pilot for The Hairy Bikers Cook Off at the BBC a few weeks back. Here was the post and Simon cooked paella (recipe here). We were The Fernandez Family.

It was great fun. Now that the series has started to air, we can publish the photos. It was such a great day out and being in the studio for the first time in our lives. It was really wonderful to see how everyone worked as a team, how everyone had a job to do and worked so hard and to be under all those lights – how extraordinary!

Simon had to make a paella in 30 minutes and his mum Susan and I helped him. It didn’t look like anything would cook but it did and boy – it was the best paella I have ever tasted – I’m not kidding – the Fernandez – knows how to make paella! And we won that challenge. Yay!

Although, sadly, we didn’t win any of the other challenges like make pasta in 4 minutes and things like that… : ) but we didn’t care – it was just such a great experience.

Thank you Hairy Bikers. Thank You BBC. Thank you Ben Walton, Ingrid O’Reilly & Neil Strawson

  • I think Simon should keep the hat for general Hackney wear.

    Sounds like a fun day out, I’ll endeavour to remember to watch it, although I’m sure we’ll get reminders on twitter.

  • @joshua
    It will never be broadcasted as its a pilot. We just helped them out with being contestants for a day. x

  • OMG, it looks amazing and so exciting. It must have been fun but nerve wrecking. Well done you too, can’t wait to have some famous friends…

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  • What lovely giggly photos!

  • Hell that is more than a few lights. I am surprised you can’t just cook under them!

  • @the London Foodie
    it was a bit nerve wracking – the studio audience just watching your every move and so many cameras! But everyone was so nice and it was such a fun day out! Its not often you get to do something like this just for fun!

    Haha… Si King really maked me blush!

    We were melting, I think thats why Simon’s paella cooked in 30 minutes!