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Supper Club

The supper club is held in my home in London Fields, Hackney. It is like a dinner party in the tradition of a Vietnamese feast with homemade Vietnamese food.



Vietnamese food is about the balance of flavours, of sweet, salty and sour – there is no measuring device that can ever match your own taste buds.

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Eight years ago, I was a struggling artist, working freelance here and there for a bit of dough. I had great ambitions after my first taste of the big delicious apple but I found it hard to ‘say’ something significant, if anything at all in my work, so I decided to halt for a while.

I stumbled upon a lovely space in Earlham Street and there I saw my destiny. In the dark, desolate space, I had a romantic vision – a very bright one. And so, I made my dream come true. For the next five years, I built a boutique of many gems, desirables and treasures: solitaire! And I loved it.

By not following what everyone else was doing, I created an ambient world of my own and people came flocking in, to see, to buy, to want, to desire, to say hi…
It influenced the success of many independent brands that have become household names but indeed, I was in a world of my own and now left myself behind in the running race… to the top?

After being told I could not renew my lease because “you are not high street” I moved to the deserted but scenic Newburgh Street then to the graveyard of Kingly Court – where they bury independent retailers.

Finally, the honey moon period, a distant past, a love diminished by horrors of corporate sharks and nonsensical bureaucrats, I have decided to move on from retail – at least for now, at least in the West End.

Our society, our media, our government has seemingly made it virtually impossible for anyone like me to own a small business. I have worked from scratch and built something out of nothing and yet- I would be better off signing on at the dole office.

I have paid everything that is due to anyone, and I continue to do so, but it’s so hard when you love something and it doesn’t love you back. All I have are memories, bitter ones, sour ones and lovely ones… I hope to tell them here.

Kingly Court – Love Leluu is closing down in August 2010–
Come to get your bargains!

  • Such a shame – but you’re right, despite all the great shops, Kingly Court is effortful shopping rather than somewhere to go to browse.

    I’m sure you’ll find another brilliant project!

  • OH no! I can’t believe you’re closing down 🙁 I can imagine it’s hard going against corporate-backed high street brands though. I promise to come by your store before you close… xx

  • Uyen,

    This must be truly sad for you. Your shop was one of the bright spots in the Carnaby Street area for me as a student, and still to this day remains one of my favourite ‘bits’ of London. It is a dire shame that the high street is eating away at independent retailers like yourself.

    My father had a similar experience when the Trafford Centre opened in Manchester many years ago and I know how upsetting he found losing his shop.

    On a positive note he is still an entrepreneur and has moved onto successful pastures new. I am sure that you will do the same.

    The best of luck..



  • B

    This is a shame, its a lovely store. I think Kingly Court has lots of treasures. Have you thought about opening online? I do all my shopping on line, I don’t like ‘high street’ and online is much more unique and much less stressful. Its little too easy to press the buy button!

  • B

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  • @Sarah
    Yes – even I didn’t ever go up here before I was up here. I think when something is not working, its better to move on and do better things

    its really hard. I am competing with the likes of Primark – I have people coming in in disbelief just because prices aren’t under a tenner – even though all hand made and beautiful and fair trade!

    Thank you so much for your comment, yes, it is really upsetting to close a shop down. I’ve closed 3 down already and every time it breaks my heart. It becomes ‘home’.

    However, I am not so sad about Kingly Court because I didn’t ever want to be here in the first place – I was really forced into coming here and I am looking forward to newer and better ventures : )

    @B – yes I do have an online shop http://www.leluu.com but I need to work on it more – you are right! everyone buys online nowadays. My excuse has been its too hard to put everything online when there are so many one offs.

    But still gotta be done x

  • Uyen so sorry to hear this – must be heart breaking for you after all of your hard work x

  • Hi Uyen
    I identify with so much that you say hear as a fellow artistic woman. I’ve been through similar stories with market stalls in Greenwich and Camden.
    I’m wishing you grand success with your online store.

    Maybe putting some of your lovely stock on etsy could be an option.

    And I’ll definitely be stopping by your supperclub xo

  • @ephemerette
    It is heart breaking but age has made my skin much thicker-I’ve got leather soles on my feet by now and I am really looking forward to making a fresh start – I don’t know what I am going to do, all I know is I want to be creative and do things I love and enjoy it. It can;t be that hard. I was signing on when I started Leluu – now I have so much more…

    Thank you, I will look into getting my things on other websites- there is a lot to do. I have the faith!
    And really looking forward to meeting you at Fernandez & Leluu – our supper club is made with so much love, and its proof that lots of love and hard work pays off x

  • Sorry to hear the news about closing the shop. At least you can say you tried, succeeded and then the story came to a close….for now at least! Not ignoring the fact that prohibitive government legislation has not helped and does not truly support budding entrepeneurs! Leluu continues online I guess?

  • @Nate
    The government has not really helped. For instance, they say they help by giving small businesses a discount with business rates. This discount turned out to be 0.02% discount.
    Leluu will thrive in other ways – I am still determined! Will let you know here when/ how/ where … x

  • I will continue to look out for the Leluu label! I hope you find a solution online. I noticed Hurwundeki has followed a similar course, moving to Kingly Court only a few months ago and now last time I was there it has disappeared!

    Honestly, my blue coat from Leluu is my favourite item in my wardrobe! I’ve had it for almost 2 years and it will stay with me many more!

  • Annoyed Reader

    Just read your blog. You weren’t cut out to run a clothes shop. You’ve only got yourself to blame. There are lots of independent clothes retailers out there who make a decent living. You just didn’t give enough potential customers what they needed. My comment might sound harsh but if you blog about it, you can’t expect everyone to agree with you. Kingly court is quiet because the shops placed there weren’t strong enough to attract people in. Its good that the rubbish shops are on their way out. Now lets get some decent ones in.